New trailed seed bed harrow from HE-VA

HE-VA Euro-Tiller is a trailed seedbed harrow which is available in 6.00, 7.00 m, 8.00 m 9.00 m and 10.00 m working width. Euro-Tiller is as standard harrow built up in a strong frame construction with 7 bars and 8 pcs of 300 mm wide wheels - ensuring precise harrow depth in all soil types. The harrow depth is easily adjusted centrally on the machine, and the depth wheel master-slave hydraulic system ensures a uniform working of the wheels. By means of a switch in the cabin, the driver can stop the electric depth stop enabling the manual operation of the hydraulic depth control.

Euro-Tiller has a wide range of extra equipment, meaning that the harrow can be built up individually depending on the actual soil conditions and harrow tasks. In front the Euro-Tiller can be equipped with a strong front-harrow in front of the Spring-Board levelling bar, ensuring that the levelling bar can level the already loosened soil effectively. At the rear a Spring-Board after-harrow can be mounted followed by a long finger after-harrow. It is also possible to mount a long finger after-harrow separately. As a novelty HE-VA is offering a ø410 mm flat bar roller at the rear, leaving the field with a consolidated surface and a perfect surface finish for a sowing of for example beets.