Combi-Seeder VB
Combi-Seeder VB
3.00 - 4.00 M
90 - 150 HP
1,800 - 2,320 KG
1,000 - 1,400 L

Combi-Seeder VB

optimal sowing and consolidation

Combi-Seeder VF seeder is a flexible and also robust seed drill that comes with the following benefits

  • Efficient tillage with 4 rows of tines
  • Consolidates the surface and creates a good structure
  • Does all tasks in one pass - levelling, harrowing, sowing and consolidation
  • Consolidation after sowing ensures good contact between the moist in the soil and the seed


Accurate sowing

Combi-Seeder VB contains 2 dosage rolls with different dosage settings to make it easy to change the dosage by simply closing or opening the rolls. This feature makes Combi-Seeder VB suitable for different types of crop. Besides the 2 dosage rolls, the seeder contains variable calibrations enabling it to go from 1.5kg/ha til 400 kg/ha.

Flexible seeder

Combi-Seeder VB can be equipped with a long finger after-harrow in front of the disc coulters and besides the many different types of standard equipment, you will also find a wide variety of extra equipment for Combi-Seeder VB. See the wide variety of extra equipment in the folders below.


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Model Specifikations No. of seed coulters, pcs No. of harrow tines, pcs Weight, empty, kg Seed hopper volume, l. Power requirement, hp
3.00 m Ø500 mm strong tube roller & Ø260 mm roller / long finger after harrow 24 24 1,800 1,000 90 - 120
4.00 m Ø500 mm strong tube roller & Ø260 mm roller / long finger after harrow  32 32 2,200 1,400 110 - 150


Extra equipment Specification
Hydraulic lifting of seed wheels
Hydraulic coulter lifting
Hydraulic coulter pressure control
Electric seed rate control
Mounting set for Multi-Seeder

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