mardi 4 septembre 2018

HE-VA expands the production

Press release

A continuous increase in demand for HE-VAs farm machines and a strategy that maintains a Danish production and complete control of the production has initiated a greater espansion plan for the company in Denmark. 

HE-VA maintains production in denmark

HE-VA equals Danish products and we want to keep it that way. It is of great importance for HE-VA to mantain control of the production and to keep it on Danish ground - a wish that is lies deep within the company DNA and especially in these days, where similar companies increasingly use underleverandører for many tasks

" We will not purchase from suppliers, but produce the farm machines ourselves. This adds flexibility to our production and we will be able to adapt quickly to changes. If a customer wants to buy a roller in another size, we can quickly make the changes on a week-to-week basis" says Technical Director, Heine Christiansen

In order to maintain the production in Denmark and still be competitive, HE-VA has invested heavily in the production the last couple of years with new buildings and by automatising several processes.

Three big expansions planned

The plan is to expand in three stages. The first stage is building a new production hall of 1.200 m2 in Nykoebing - a process that has already begun. 

HE-VA udvider produktionen

Besides the new production hall in Nykoebing, a new hall for surface treatment is planned for the factory in Ording and last but not least, a third expansion in Nykoebing is planned for the coming years and contains a new showroom and an office building. 

"This third expansion is merely on the drawing board at the moment as it requires purchasing more land and a change in the local district plan", says Villy Christiansen, CEO.