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about HE-VA

Dedicated supplier of farm machines

HE-VA is good craftmanship and dedicated employees. We develop, produce and market high quality farm machines that make work on the farm easier, quicker and ensure highest possible yield.

Vi listen and meet our customers where they are and at eye level.


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development of farm machines

Ready for the demands of the future

Being farmers ourselves, our feet are deeply burried in the black soil and therefore, we understand that farm machines are important tools i making work in the field efficient and flexible.

With a thourough understanding of the needs of agriculture, we go into close dialogue with customers and collaborative partners all over the world in the development of our farm machines. 


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HE-VA's history

Passion for farming as the foundation

HE-VA's adventure started in 1977, when Villy Christiansen started producing farm machinery from his private home. Today there are more than 140 employees and 2 factories, and 90 % of the farm machines are sold outside of Denmark.


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