Danish farm machines

We solely produce our farm machines in Denmark. This ensures a continuous high quality and to ensure a high degree of efficiency for the benefit of our customers, we have 2 production facilities in Denmark - at the main office in Nykøbing and at the factory in Ording.

Both locations are highly specialised within specific areas and products resulting in a continuously high quality and great degree of flexibility for our customers regarding products and deliveries.

Headquarters in Nykøbing

The HE-VA Headquarter is placed in Nykøbing and spreads over 23.600 m2. Functions like product development, economy, management as well as sales, marketing and shipping is placed here.

Our wide variety of rollers, sub-soilers, stubble cultivators and front end machines are produced here.

HE-VA ApS - Nykobing

N.A. Christensensvej 34
DK-7900 Nykøbing Mors

Factory in Ording

The factory in Ording is with its 14.500 m2 an important location for HE-VA. Here, many of our designers and ingeneers are placed and the production is specialised in making seedbed harrows, drill machines, fine seed equipment and stubble cultivators. 

HE-VA ApS - Ording

Doubletvej 2
DK-7990 Øster Assels