It all started in 1977...

With a certificate as machine operator and a diploma in product engineering, Villy Christiansen had a strong desire to start a production of farm machinery. Both he and his wife, Elly Christiansen, are born and raised in the country, so there was never any doubt that they would work with farm machinery. So, the company was founded in 1977 in a 120 m2 henhouse on their private farm in Denmark, where they still live.

Strong family ties were also, back then, the foundation of the company, and there was never any doubt that the name of the company should reflect that. 

H as in Heine.

E as in Elly.

V as in Villy.

A as in Anders.


The adventure begins

Soon, the henhouse become too small and so, in 1980, HE-VA moved from the private farm to the town of Nykøbing, where Villy had purchased a 900 m2 factory. 1980 also became the year, when the number of employees grew from 2 to 4.

Several expansions in the following years

HE-VA was on a continuing growth path in the upcoming years. The 900 m2 were expanded to 3400 m2 and the number of employees new counted around 30 people. In 1994, HE-VA purchased a colleague's factory nearby and with this purchase came more expansions. 



New factories and expansions to follow

2001: headquarter in nykøbing was established 

I 2001, a whole new factory and administration building was put into use at N.A. Christensensvej 34, where the headquarter is still located today. HE-VA now had 12.000 m2, but the buildings weren't the only things that were growing - the number of employees had now grown to 60.

2002: The purchase of a second factory in Ørding

HE-VA bought Doublet-Record in Ørding and the company changed the name to HE-VA Doublet. HE-VA now counted 2 factories and the number of employees has grown to 120. With the purchase of Doublet-Record, a long lasting wish of a broad product range had been fulfilled and the export adventure now really took off.

HE-VA today

worldwide sales

Today, the company is once again called HE-VA and the company is continuously developing and expanding. The company now counts 140 employees and 90% of the farm machines are exported to countries around Europe and as far away as China, Canada and New Zealand. 

Villy Christiansen and Elly Christiansen are still an active part of the company as CEO and Secretary alongside their son, Heine, who is Technical Director.