Good craft

combined with modern technology

Danish craftmanship of highest quality

Our production of farm machines is divided onto 2 Danish factories. Both are highly specialised in each their product groups. This helps ensure a high degree of efficiency and good delivery terms for our customers.

Every day, skilled craftsmen work side by side with advanced CNC-machines, welding robots and bending presses. This way, an essential synergi effect can be achieved that ensures the continuous high quality and high degree of flexibility that defines HE-VA and our products.

Raw materials

A strong foundation

The foundation for every product is high quality raw materials. Our stock of raw materials embrace everything from iron pipes to bolts - all quickly transforming into finished farm machines.

To ensure the foundation for our farm machines, we buy our raw materials from some of the best suppliers worldwide - only the best is good enough. We set high standards for our suppliers and focus on consistency of supply and  a continuous high quality.

Quality and excellent craftmanship is a general theme in our production of farm machines.

Painting farm machines


Now, the well-known deep-red HE-VA colour is applied. The colour has been developed especially for our farm machines. 

Also here, quality is a keyword. It is important that our machines keep looking good also after use.

A new and modern paint facility follows the principles of the rest of our production combining automatisation with genuine craftmanship. 



Good craftmanship is the essence

After all the components have been painted and dried off, our assembly department takes good care of each machine - assembles it, tests it and sends it safely on its way to the customer.

All of our assemblers are craftsmen and posses valuable know-how making them especially efficient and capable of building customer specific machines to perfection.

Our machines are not the result of assembly line work, but a result of close cooperation with our customers and skilled craftsmen.