Friday, August 30, 2019

New painting facility in Ording

HE-VA continues to expand production in Denmark

The growing demand for the deep-red agricultural machinery from Mors has meant the launch of a major expansion plan worth a large amount in the millions for HE-VA ApS. In 2018, the first of 3 stages was launched with the expansion of the production in Nykøbing, where the company built a 1,200 sqm hall as an addition to the existing buildings.

With the construction of a brand new paint facility of 1,800 sqm in Ørding, replacing the current one from 2006, the second phase of the expansion plan has now begun.

With a new paint facility, the machinery produced in Ørding will have an even better finish, and customers will therefore find that the machinery remains looking good for even longer than today,” says Technical Director Heine Christiansen.

Modern and future-proof production

The new paint facility will contain a shot blasting system, paint booth for primer, paint booth for top coating, drying zone and transport equipment.

By building a new paint facility, not only do we achieve a good finish on our machinery for the benefit of our customers, we also get a modern and reliable system that is future-proof with respect to the continued growth in demand that we are experiencing," says Technical Director Heine Christiansen.

The third and final stage of the expansion plans for the North Jutland company includes an extension of the administration building in Nykøbing, but the time for this extension has not yet been determined.

The final expansion is still only on the drawing board and is subject to variables such as the municipality’s district plan,” says CEO Villy Christiansen, CEO.

The new paint facilities are expected to be operational in the spring of 2020, whereafter the total number of sqm exceeds 42.000.