Vip-Roller NG
Vip-Roller NG
4.50 - 8.20 M
MAX 2.45 M
60 - 160 HP
1,470 - 5,010 KG

Vip-Roller NG

The roller designed for your needs

The roller, Vip-Roller NG, comes in working widths that match the needs of everyone who is packing large areas at a time. Combined with a world of extra equipment, you are able to design the Vip-Roller NG to match your specific needs.

HE-VA Vip-Roller NG in field

Ring types for every soil type

Vip-Roller NG comes with several different ring types, which makes it possible to get that particular ring that matches the specific soil conditions in your field. The ring types that include Cambridgerings, Crosskill and Star rings, are listed here.

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Ready, set, go!

Vip-Roller NG quickly unfolds

Design your own roller

Vip-Roller NG can be built with a world of extra equipment

The great selection of extra equipment provides the following benefits

  • The roller follows the contours of the field with the unique SAT-System and is able to pack the soil in the entire working width of the machine
  • The roller efficiently levels the soil and crushes clods with Spring-Board before packing the soil
  • Gather stones on the go with a stone box
  • Safe transport with either hydraulic or air brakes

See the wide variety of extra equipment in the folders below here.


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Model No. of rings, pcs Weight, kg Power requirement, hp
4.50 m 30 - 90 1,470 - 2,770 60 - 90
5.40 m 36 - 108 3,200 - 1,840 70 - 100
6.30 m 42 - 126 4,000 - 2,030 80 - 120
7.30 m 48 - 146 4,390 - 2,520 100 - 140
8.20 m 55 - 162 5,010 - 2,820 120 - 160


Ring types
Ring types
Transverse locking system
Transverse locking system
Extra equipment Specification
Air brakes
Hydraulic brakes
Stone box For following models : 4,50 m, 5,40 m, 6,30 m, 7,30 m & 8,20 m

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