Combi-Seeder VF
Combi-Seeder VF
3.00 - 4.00 M
80 - 150 HP
1,465 - 2,820 KG
1,000 - 1,400 L

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Model Specifikations No. of harrow tines, pcs Weight, empty, kg Seed hopper volume, l. Power requirement, hp
3.00 m Square tube roller 30 1,465 - 1,820 1,000 80 - 110
3.00 m Packer roller 30 1,720 - 2,235 1,000 90 - 120
3.00 m V-profile roller 30 1,850 - 2,365 1,000 90 - 120
4.00 m Square tube roller 40 1,865 - 2,340 1,400 100 - 140
4.00 m Packer roller 40 2,150 - 2,620 1,400 110 - 150
4.00 m V-profile roller 40 2,350 - 2,820 1,400 110 - 150


Extra equipment Specification
Hydraulic lifting of seed wheels
Hydraulic coulter lifting
Hydraulic coulter pressure control
Electric seed rate control
Mounting set for Multi-Seeder

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Combi-Seeder VF

Reliable seed drill

Combi-Seeder VF seeder is a flexible and robust seed drill that provides the following benefits

  • Efficient tillage with 3 rows of harrow tines
  • Precise seed dosing even in variating soil types
  • Accurate setting of the harrowing and sowing depth

Sowing with great flexibility

This seed drill has 2 different dosage rolls that offer different dosages. It is easy to change the dosage and the type of seed - you simply close or open the shutters and then you will be able to use the Combi-Seeder VF for different types of crop with different dosages whenever you need to.

Efficient tillage

Combi-Seeder VF is equipped with a Spring-Board that levels the soil and crushes clods before the soil is processed by 3 rows of harrow tines. These are followed by a roller that divides the soil into fine particles before sowing. Depending on the soil type, it is recommended to use either a Square tube roller or a Packer roller. The Square tube roller is suitable for light and medium-heavy soil types, whereas the Packer roller is suitable for heavy and clayish soil types.

Precise seed dosage

Combi-Seeder VF makes it possible to accurately dose the seed even at variating soil types due to the disc coulters. The disc coulters are 350 mm discs and with a depth wheel, grooves for placement of seed are made. 

Extra equipment for Combi-Seeder VF

If perfect levelling is required or if additional fine seed equipment needs to be mounted, the Combi-Seeder VF comes with a variety of extra equipment. See the wide variety of extra equipment in the folders below.