Dosing rolls

Dosing rolls for Multi-Seeder

Our selection of dosing rolls contains a total of 6 different types - all for different purposes. 2 of these can be ordered as standard equipment and the other 4 are part of our extra equipment.

4 dosing rolls as extra equipment

With one of these 4 dosing rolls, you will be able to sow from 0,2 kg/ha til 220 kg/ha, 

Dosing roll for wheat and barley

26,6 - 200 kg/ha

Dosing roll for mustard seed

4,2 - 27,2 kg/ha

Dosing roll for rapeseed

0,6 - 3,8 kg/ha

Dosing roll for very small seeds

0,2 kg/ha

2 dosing rolls as standard equipment

Dosing roll for different types of grass seeds

26-200 kg/ha

Dosing roll for clover

1,5-12 kg/ha